Enter Payments / Accounts Receivables

Open the Payments screen in the Manager section to record payments received by Check, Credit Card and Cash


1. There are 4 ways to search and select the invoice you wish to apply a payment to.

By Invoice Number - Click in the Invoice # field (top, left-center) and enter the invoice number and click the SET button.

From the Outstanding Invoices list - sort the list by Date, Invoice#, Customer or Balance and click on the invoice you want which will bring it up to the top.

By Select Customer - Click the Select button in the upper left to open the Find Customer screen. Find the customer and by clicking on the name you return to the payments screen with that customer with a list of all their outstanding invoices. Click on the one you want to apply the payment to.

By Select Proposal - Click Select Proposal button (top-left) to open the Find Proposal screen. Find the proposal and click on it to return to the payments screen with the selected invoice appearing top left.

2. With selected invoice listed top left, click the Insert Invoice # button (center-right) to insert the invoice number and today's date (may be modified).

3. Enter the amount of the payment, mark if paid by Check or Credit Card or, if Cash, type Cash in the Check # field.  If Check, enter the check # and if CC you may enter the CC info and enter a Memo if applicable.

4. Click Calculate Invoice Payment button to record the payment.

You may also apply a single payment to multiple invoices.

  1. Select a customer or invoice and all the outstanding invoices for that customer are listed in the list directly below the selected invoice (center-left).
  2. Click on the Pay check box to the right of each invoice you want to pay in full with the payment received.  Make sure the total amount of the selected invoices does not exceed the amount of the payment.
  3. Click in the Check # field (center right) and enter the check number or check Credit if payment is with a credit card. 
  4.  Click the Calc Pay$ button and make sure the total is not greater then the payment.
  5. Click Spread Payment button to record and list the payments below.
  6. Apply the balance of the payment to any remaining invoices as a single partial payment.