Enter Products and Ingredients

Click the Items section tab and Click the Products tab at the top of the screen to open the Enter Products & Ingredients screen.

1. Enter the Product Name.
2. If you want the product name to display differently on reports, modify the product Display Name.
3. Select one of 4 required Category codes (food, beverage, rental, disposable).
4. Select up to 3 product Type codes.
5. Click the Select Supplier button from the pop down list of suppliers from the Contacts-Supplier file.
6. Enter Cost and purchase Measure.  The sell price will calculate automatically based on the Margin% entered on Setup-Globals screen.
7. You may change the default Sell Price and the Margin% will automatically adjust accordingly.  Margin % is the percentage of profit based on the cost price ratio.
8. You may change the Margin% and the Sell Price will automatically adjust to reflect the set Margin%.
9. Enter the number of servings per cost measure if applicable.
10. Conversion - You may enter a conversion measure, if applicable, based on the purchase measure.
11. If a product quantity is stored in your inventory, you may enter the starting total in stock quantity, minimum purchase quantity and Location.
12. Enter a Description to appear on the kitchen prep list and other reports.

• You may enter multiple suppliers and have multiple product costs.  One is marked as the Primary supplier which is the one that will be the default product supplier and product cost when selected for an event or as an ingredient in a recipe. You are able to change which supplier is the primary supplier, thus changing the default supplier and pricing.