Enter Recipes / Menu Items

Recipes are any food or beverage that is prepared in the kitchen.

Click on the Items section tab and Click on the Recipe tab at the top of the screen to open the Enter Recipe/Menu Items screen.

1. Click the NEW button to begin entering a new recipe.

2. Enter the Name of the recipe.

3. Enter the Description that you want to appear on your menu printout.

4. You may insert or paste in a picture of the recipe.

5. All recipes are assigned a Category code of either Food or Beverage.

6. Code recipes to search and list by: Prep Station, Origin code and Type codes, all of which you create.

7. Enter Recipe Yield - Quantity and unit Measure (ea, gal, lb, etc) and then the # of Servings or size of the  Serving the recipe yiels will produce.

8. Enter the sell Price/sv and the Total Price will calculate based on the # of servings. The Cost/Sv will automatically calculate based on the default Margin % displayed that is preset on the Setup-Globals screen or you may enter a cost. Changing the Cost/unit or Price/unit will be reflected in your profit margin% and changing the margin % will immediately adjust the price.

9. The Prep Note is an internal note containing special instructions that apply to this recipe for the kitchen on special prep instructions or how to enter the order for this recipe.

10. Enter recipe Method /Directions.

This recipe information is all you need to begin creating and costing your proposals. After getting up and running you may begin linking your product ingredients to your recipes. By adding recipe ingredients CaterEdge will provide accurate recipe costing plus scale recipes and generate comprehensive event and date range shopping lists.

Building your Recipes


Entering recipe ingredients will accurately calculate the cost of the recipe by adding up the cost of the ingredients, plus scale recipes to calculate the quantity of each ingredient based on the number of servings and calculate the order quantities for each event and date range shopping lists.

1. Click the Select Ingredients button to open the Find Products screen.

2. Search for the ingredients by Name, Category (food, beverage rental, disposable) or Type code within the selected category.
3. Click on the product to select it and return to the Recipe/Menu Item screen.
4. The selected ingredient appears above along with the purchase cost.
5. Enter the Quantity and Measure based on the Recipe Yield.
6. If the Cost/Measure does not appear you will need to enter a Conversion.
7. Click the Conversion button and enter the conversion Quantity and Measure used for the ingredient.
8. Click SET and the Cost /measure will calculate.
9. Select or enter ingredient specific directions if applicable and the ingredient appears in the recipe ingredient list.