Major Features and Benefits

• *User-friendly designed interface with interactive reference manual and tutorials.
• *Mac OSX and Windows fully compatible.
• *The only catering software that gives you full access from your iPad, and iPhone
• *Built-in PDF writer and combines multi page PDF documents into 1 PDF for emailing proposals.
•  Hot links to Google Map for instant directions to customers and event locations.
• *Multiple logos, sales, and management reports for multiple company divisions.

Installation, Setup and Training Includes:

• *Importing your customers, vendors, staff, recipes and products lists.
• *Unlimited training of all personnel for the entire time you own the program.
•   Fully customize your proposal printouts to your specifications

Annual Support Includes:

•  Unlimited 24/7 technical support
• *Online user guide and reference manual and tutorials.
• *Unlimited training of all personnel for as long as you own the program.
• *Automatic daily offsite backups.
•  All CaterEdge updates.

Billing and Accounts Receivables

• 3 billing options –
   Event Invoice with category totals
   Service Invoice listing line items detail
   Company Statements listing outstanding invoices with 30-60-90 breakdown.
•  Record and track Accounts receivable

• *Spread single payment to multiple outstanding invoices.
•  Credit Card Processing
• *AR export to your accounting software for general ledger and payables.
• *Generate bank deposit slips
•  Aging report with 30-60-90 breakdown of past due balances.


Customer Communications

• *Customer bulk emailing and bulk mailing for promotional mailings.
•  Create and store letters, fax and email templates, and create labels.
• *Automatically generates pre setup to do reminders and event timelines.

Cost, Price and Profit Controls

• *Unique system gives control of product and recipe pricing by providing ability to adjust prices and profit margins.
• *Recipe Cost Analysis report gives you the ability to adjust and control your ingredient costs and recipe prices and profit.
•  Recipe scaling – automatically scales all recipe ingredients for each events.
• *Sophisticated comprehensive product and ingredient conversions for accurate costing.

Inventory Control and Automatic Cost Updating

• *Import or enter product receiving and all products and recipes costs and stock quantities are automatically updated insuring inventory and costs are always current.
•  Tracks inventory and availability of in-house rental equipment.
• *Inventory and event cost reconciliation function.
• *Automatic notification when stock quantity falls below your established minimum.
• *Comprehensive event and date range shopping lists and vendor purchase orders.

Staffing and Payroll

•  Full staffing function with group email notification.
•  Links with StaffMate online staffing service.
•  Generate event and date range payroll reports by event and by employee
•  Staff commissions reports


Special Features

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Compatable

• Full access to CaterEdge from iPads and iPhone and iPod Touch.

Prospecting and Marketing Tools

• Sophisticated and comprehensive customer and prospective customer grouping function for bulk promotional mailings or emailings.
• Tracks where your customer first heard about you and generates a date range sales summary report showing you how many jobs and how much revenue from each sources.  This allows you to target your promotional dollars to where they will be most affective.
• 10 letter, fax and email templates

Automatic Calendar To Do Reminders and Event Timelines

• Preset a list of followup to do reminders based on the date you create a proposal and another list of followup reminders based on the date of the event, that will automatically appear in on the sales reps calendar to do list.
• Preset to do lists based on your event type codes and then select and apply the list of to do reminders to selected events and they appear on your calendar to do list on the designated dates.
• Preset a list of  timeline to dos for the day of the event based your event type codes and linked to your work groups.  Select and apply the list to an event and create a timeline for each work group automatically.

Multiple Company Option

• Separate Logo, address, contract, and sales and management reports.

Master Menus

• Pre build menus and groups of products and equipment that you may select and apply to a new proposal as a group and it will automatically rescale the quantities and prices of all products and recipes based on the guest count.

Event Summary Cost-Price Analysis

• Before you send out your proposal, CaterEdge provides you with a list of all the menu items and products with their cost, price and profit margin and event totals.  You can then adjust the quantities, price and margin% of each item to insure you are making a reasonable profit.

Staffing and Staff Mate

• Full staffing function with group email notification.
• Links with StaffMate online staffing service.
• Generate event and date range payroll reports by event and by employee
• Staff commissions reports


• Invoicing, corporate billing, accounts receivables, credit card processing and payroll
• Record you receivables and track payment dates, amounts and export your receivables to link with your accounting software

Recipe Cost Analysis

• Open up any recipe in our unique Recipe Cost Analysis screen where you are able to view and adjust the cost of each ingredient, prep labor cost, sell price and profit margin to maximize your profit on your recipe sales.

Comprehensive Measurement Conversions

• Built-in conversion table for all weight and volume or liquid measures including metric.
• CaterEdge has a unique system that will calculate the cost and price of any product regardless of the purchase measure.

Linking Addresses to Google Maps

• With the click a button bring up a Google Map of the address of selected customer, facility, or event locations.


Future Special Features 


Online Web Ordering

• Customer will be able to go online to your customizable menu and products web site, that we setup and host for you, and place an order that will automatically be entered into CaterEdge, generate an email confirmation to the customer, process their credit card payment and generate all your management reports including kitchen prep list, packing list and invoice.

*Exclusive to CaterEdge