Welcome to CaterEdge

CATEREDGE is a comprehensive, fully integrated catering management software program that automates the management of your catering business…..

Our innovative design makes CaterEdge extremely easy to learn and use, this will enable you and your staff to get up and running quickly, generating beautifully designed proposal presentations and a comprehensive set of event and company management and accounting reports.

Mac, Windows, iPads, iPhone

CaterEdge is the only catering program that runs on both Windows and Mac OSX and the only catering software that runs on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch.  This means that with Internet access you can run CaterEdge from any computer anywhere, anytime!

Customize Proposals

Run your business more efficiently, increase productivity and maximize your profits.  Generate custom designed proposals, accurate event costing, complete set of management reports including kitchen prep lists, packing lists, scaled recipe cards, date range and event based comprehensive shopping lists, timelines, staff schedules and much more. 

Total Cost Control

CaterEdge Software emphasizes cost and profit control.  CaterEdge provides the tools to accurately cost your products and recipes by featuring our unique conversions function that allows you to accurately cost your recipes and proposals. CaterEdge then generates a report that gives you a complete list of the items selected, including cost, sell price and profit margin and totals for the entire proposal, with the ability to adjust pricing and profit margins and therefore, insure the profitability of all your events.

Event Management

A comprehensive set of event management reports are automatically generated. they including kitchen prep list, scaled recipes, pack list, internal inventory pull sheet, auto generated event to do list and timeline, an exclusive comprehensive shopping list, staff schedule and more, all to give you complete control of every event.

Calendar Interface

Fully integrated calendar interface with day, week, month views, lets you track your events and to do reminders.  Also track venue scheduling and you are able to link floor plan documents to venue records and customize floor plans for each event.

Labor, Staffing and Payroll

Assign labor tasks and hours to calculate customer labor cost.  When event is confirmed you are able to assign a staff person to fill each job.  By filling every job with a staff person, the company's cost of labor is  calculated.  Cost is based on staffs individually preset wage scale per job description.  In addition, your staff payroll reports are automatically generated, including by event, by date range and for each staff person.


CaterEdge addresses all your accounting needs. Invoicing, accounts receivables, aging report and a full set of sales reports with linking to your accounting software for general ledger and payables.

Inventory Control

Product inventory control tracks in-house equipment, inventory pull sheets, reconciliation and returned product restocking function. Track product sales and receiving and import supplier product inventory and cost changes,

Why our customers love CaterEdge:

  • Extremely user–friendly interface.
  • Full calendar functions with Day, Week and Month at a Glance, daily To Do list and scheduled reminders.
  • Total Recipe management – Accurate costing, scaling and cost/ price analysis.
  • Remote Access – from any computer, anywhere with internet access.
  • Employee Staffing, Scheduling and Payroll.
  • Automatically generates preset To Do reminders.
  • Automatically generates preset Timelines
  • Link events to custom Floor Plans
  • Automatic recipe cost updating
  • Comprehensive Events and Date Range Shopping Lists and Purchase Orders
  • Addresses all accounting needs.
  • Generates a full set of date range Sales Reports including by event, customer, sales rep, facility, recipe, payroll and source or referral.
  • Credit card processing.

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