Listing Reports

• Customers/Prospects
• Venues/Facilities
• Suppliers/Vendors – food, beverages, rentals, disposables
• Outside Contract Service Vendors – entertainment, florist, etc.
• Staff Employees - waitstaff, bartender, chef, etc.
• Sales Reps/Users
• Products – food, beverages, rentals, disposables
• Recipes
• Master Menus
• Inventory – products and equipment you stock
• Receiving – updates product inventory and cost and automatically updates the cost of all recipes containing updated product ingredient.

Customer Proposal Reports

Fully customized to your specifications and may be printed or emailed as a multi page pdf file

• Cover Page
• Cover Letter
• Menu
• Contracts
• 1 Page Proposal
• Non Menu Items - beverages, rentals, disposables and food items not on the menu, in separate lists or  asingle list.
• Staff Labor
• Invoice – with or without line item detail

Event Management Reports

• Kitchen Prep Lists – by event and by prep station
• Packing/Pick List – event list of all food, beverages, rentals and disposables
• Inventory Pull Sheet – event equipment, dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. you stock
• Staff Labor Schedule
• Event To Do Notes
• Event Timeline
• Event BEO
• Outside Contract Services – entertainment, florist, etc.
• Shopping List – includes cost and supplier contact info
• Scaled Recipes
• Cost-Price Analysis – Lists every product and recipe item for each event and allows you to adjust prices to control and verify profit of every product and recipe before sending out proposals to insure every event is profitable.
• Inventory and Cost Reconciliation – adds back into inventory unused items and automatically updates event cost.

Date Range Management Reports

• Events Schedule – by date of event and by date of proposal
• Facility Schedule
• Recipe Schedule
• Labor Schedule
• Staff Schedule
• Delivery Schedule
• Shopping List
• Kitchen Prep Lists - combined or for each event
• Packing Lists and BEOs for each event
• Inventory List - products ordered that are in inventory are separated out into a separate pull sheet.
• Receiving Report

Date Range Sales Reports

• Sales Reports – by month or a single list broken down by food, beverages, rentals, disposables, labor, services, miscellaneous, facility, service charge, Delivery, discount, tax
• Sales summary Reports –Revenue, Cost/Price summary, Count report by event type
• Sales Tax Summary Report
• Accounts Receivables Report
• Customer Sales Report – for all Customers and for a selected individual Customer
• Sales Rep Sales Report – for all Sales Reps and for a selected individual Sales Rep
• Facility Sales Report – for all Facilities and for a selected an individual Facility
• Service Sales Report – for all Services and for a selected individual Service
• Recipe Sales Report – for all Recipes and for a selected individual Recipe
• Source Sales Report – for all Source Codes and for a selected individual Source Code
• Staff Payroll Report – for all Staff and for a selected individual Staff Person

Invoicing and Accounts Receivables Reports

• Event Invoice – listing totals only for food, beverages, rentals, labor, services, misc.
• Service Invoice – listing recipes and products line item detail
• Corporate or Monthly Billing Statements – listing all outstanding invoices broken down into 30. 60, 90, 90+ with paid amounts and outstanding balance.
• Aging report – listing all outstanding invoices with past due balances broken down into 30, 60, 90, 90+ days past due or past the event date.
• Account Receivables Report
• Deposit Slip - Bank deposit slip listing cash and checks received for deposit.

Sales Rep Reports

Each Sales Rep/User has access to only their reports

• Customer List
• Date Range Events Schedule
• Date Range To Do List
• Date Range Sales report
• Date Range Commissions Report